Host Your Next Fundraiser at Yogurtology®!

Forget selling candy to strangers; instead, host your fundrasing event at one of our stores! Our exciting self-serve concept of 12 frozen yogurt flavors and over 60 toppings lets your supporters create their own masterpieces - who wouldn’t want to support you!

How do I begin? 

Fill out the fundraiser form below.

What is my responsibility?

You are responsible for promoting your event. Try hanging posters, sending emails, posting to Facebook, Tweeting, Eviting or sending smoke signals - whatever it takes! Just remember, the more people YOU bring in, the more cash YOUR organization receives.

How much will my organization receive?

At the end of your event we will add up the receipts from people you invited and you’ll receive a check for 20% of sales - that’s some easy moola! To get started, please fill out the short form below and someone will contact you soon to plan your event. 

Spirit Night Fundraiser Application


Fundraiser Application

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