These FAQs are designed to answer some [as the acronym implies] frequently asked questions. Some of the information provided may change from time to time, so please check back often. If you have additional questions you'd like answered, be sure to send us an email using the form on the contact us page.


Why can't I get my own samples?

There are a few reasons why we prefer our Yogurtologists™ hand you a sample. First, we want to interact with each customer; we want to introduce new flavors, flavor combos and Masterpieces™. Second - and most important - for sanitary reasons; we have visited many, many other yogurt shops and have seen some yucky stuff! We've seen customers reuse sample cups two, three or more times! Gross, that means every customer after the first one is getting contaminated yogurt - not good. Our Yogurtology® greeters should always have clean hands when handling samples. If you have a concern about a specific greeter, please let the on duty manager or shift supervisor know. Additionally, you can always reach the Master Yogurtologist™ at email@yogurtology.com.

Do you offer Gluten-free products?

Definitely! Most of our flavors are gluten-free; you can view the allergen information on our website by clicking on the appropriate link. If you are still unsure or question the validity of our research, please avoid that product. As much as we try to be thorough with our information, sometimes changes in ingredients or supplier handling/misinformation can cause a delay in updating allergen information.

What are Premiyum™ flavors?

The Premiyum™ label identifies flavors that were created by our Master Yogurtologist™. These flavors are made with premium ingredients and are unique to the Yogurtology® brand. You may experience imitators, but when you see that Premiyum™ label you can rest assured you're experiencing the very best.

What are Bottomings®?

Bottomings® are toppings created for the bottom of your cup! At Yogurtology® you begin your masterpiece with a Bottoming® add in some Premiyum™ yogurt and top it off with our amazing toppings and, of course, throw on some Sloppings™ to cap it off.

What are Sloppings™?

Sloppings™ is the name we give our syrup bars. They consist of caramel, fudge, marshmallow sauce, raspberry sauce and many, many, more! Your masterpiece isn't complete without ooey, gooey Sloppings™!

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that already live in your guts and help you stay healthy, digest food and fight off the bad bacteria that can harm your body. Check out WebMD's description here 'What Are Probiotics?

Do Yogurtology® products have probiotics?

All of our frozen yogurt products have probiotics. Sorbets, since they are water based, do not.

Are sorbets vegan?

Our sorbets are vegan, however they are still manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, soy, milk, and wheat products.